[CA] Filed for worker’s comp but I already feel better?


I work in fast food, and started to experience wrist pain on both sides and finger numbness two weeks ago. I initially just asked for reduced hours and wore a brace, but eventually decided I should file a workers comp so I could get it checked out by a doctor. Just two days ago my wrist still hurt/ache holding a pen. But after filing this morning, I realize my wrist mostly feel much better already.

I was informed I cannot return to work until I get a doctor's note. If I go to the doctor and they cannot find anything wrong, will there be any repercussions?

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[ny] accidentally filed for unemployment

and i certified the claim

i've been trying to call the unemployment office but there's no way to reach a person, i guess i will try calling tmrw at 9am right when they open and hope i can talk to someone

i have a hearing towards the end of this month because the insurance company stopped payments. my doctor has given me 100% disabled so i am not really able to claim unemployment

any suggestions ? i cancelled the 'direct deposit' so the money from the unemployment won't go into my account

i was accepted for unemployment and certified today, so i haven't received any money

hoping this doesn't hurt me at the hearing

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South Carolina knee injury at work.

My husband hurt his knee at work almost 3 weeks ago. He was sent to urgent care that day. They took X-rays and gave him crutches and asked him to return 2 days later. When he returned the urgent care doctor sent him with a referral to an orthopedic doctor. The only communication he has had with the WC insurance was them calling to get his statement. No info on when he would get an appointment with the specialist.

Is it normal for it to take 3 weeks to be seen by a specialist? I tried to call his case worker today and her voicemail says she is on vacation until Tuesday of next week. This seems a little ridiculous to me. When I go on vacation I am responsible for making sure important things are either done before I go or are assigned to someone else. Why should this be any different?

He can’t walk and it’s not getting much better.

Any advice is appreciated!

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Does signing an "assumption of risk" waiver prevent employers from paying work comp if you get sick?

Friend is a public school teacher in Arizona. Her school is reopening, but they mailed out an "assumed risk" waiver about covid that she has to sign.

My question: If she gets covid during her job, will her signing that waiver get work comp off the hook?

Like can someone literally sign away their work comp rights like that?

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CA- Loss of wages

I work two jobs and I am wondering if the job I was injured at would also have to pay for my loss of wages at my second job? And if they are, how can I go about this with my adjuster if they are giving me the run around?

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OWCP reimbursement issues

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I had a cervical injury back in January 21,2019 working for FedEx and needed to go to a doctor to ensure no long term injury had occurred. The doctor honestly didn't care much if at all, gave me an Xray and put me on light duty and basically offered no treatment except physical therapy. So I went and FedEx HR and to their secretary and fedex Chesapeake told me, I had nothing to worry about and they (the company) would pay for it all and to just work with sedgwick and thats all they could really do for me there. (they said exactly that)So I said fine, I'll go about it in that manner. Well now after being fired from the company due to unrelated reasons. (I was threatened with assault from a coworker)I submitted all the paper work to the state of Virginia to Richmond as asked.

- They requested financial records, I complied.

- All related Medical records were sent to the state, i'm assuming this means that they're handing them to the courts. (attempted to comply)

A long time passed. Now for some reason a year later in May 2020 I'm notified that I have to go to court and there is a hearing for Virginia Workers Compensation which they are not clarifying what is supposed to happen or what I'm supposed to do.Sedwick marked the issue as closed and the lawyer retained by sedgwick and FedEx has a history of already trying to abuse me while taking care of things for my family in Chesapeake (he gave me a really bad attitude for no reason repeatedly while out shopping and was FORCED to give him an order to stay away). I'm certain hes not supposed to be around me, but besides the point.

The lack of information I'm receiving is giving me red flags. And I really don't feel good about this situation. Because basically I'm just getting letters and not information on what to actually do or expect.

- I've received is a pre hearing form to make claims. Their is a phone number on the paper but I'm too sketchy to call it suspecting it to be a setup where they try to start skipping town on their requirements.

- I've got a hearing date which has me going out of my way to independence blvd in Virginia Beach in August 3th 2020.And a notification that FedEx has hired a corporate law firm to defend themselves. which pretty much is telling me they might not want to be honest about this and give me a bill to pay that with a bad neck already from nerve damage which causes on going aching and migranes that I'm about to get bills I can't afford. I'm not very comfortable.

So I need whatever advice I can get. If clarification is needed, I'll do my best to do so if it is withing sane, logical reason. But what can I expect? and what else should I do before hand? Any help is extremely appreciated.

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TETRAPLEGIC DAD, questions about settlement VA

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MN - If your adjuster hasn’t replied in 3 weeks after sending weekly emails should you be concerned?

Due to covid getting new workability reports has been challenging. My adjuster asked for one beginning of June. I haven’t been able to see my ortho, but have been requesting info from the clinic weekly. I’ve emailed my adjuster weekly since her request, and she hasn’t replied at all. Should I be concerned?

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California. Hi. I'm done with all my therapies and the wc doctor has referred me to see a specialist but my appointment is far off. The doctor still wants to see me every single week until I see the specialist for the next step. I feel it's a waste of time going there without being treated. Whay should be my next step? Thank you!

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