Ohio- if I drop my workers comp claim, can I still be drug tested?

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FL- Workers COMP Case

A lot to detail so going to get right to it. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.

*Had a knee surgery scheduled for a torn meniscus prior to work injury. The work injury occurred 9 days after the surgery was scheduled and I alerted my property manager as well as company Vice President. An email was sent to both detailing the injury, future date of surgery and questions on if I would need to change to an altered work load. As stated above 9 days passed and no communication was had back to me and then the injury occurred. (I’m a supervisor so I have direct lines of communication with corporate offices)

A little over 6 weeks ago while on the job, I was attacked by a dog and while trying to get away felt a pop shoot down my leg and knew something was wrong immediately. Reported the incident as soon as it occurred and immediately called workers comp to begin the process as I had to leave work due to intense pain. I woke up the next morning and since then have not been able to beat any weight on my leg. Simple tasks are now a chore and my quality of life has been Terrible since.I have still not been able to return to work since the incident.

As of this writing, 6 weeks later, I haven’t had any imagining done by any of the 3 doctors the adjuster has sent me to. I was told by my adjuster that My personal doctor, who I was going to before the work incident happened, was within the insurances list of providers. An appointment was never made with him, instead they ultimately sent me somewhere and I was told that would be my treating physician for the duration of the workers comp claim. During my last appointment with this Physician, he attempted to simply schedule me for PT with no examination of any MRI or xrays, but rather the report from my MRI PRIOR TO THE Work incident for my meniscus surgery.

I have since hired an attorney but am just curious what kind of timetable I’m looking at here in regards to a settlement.

Thanks for any help in advance!

**This happened in Florida

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NYC Worker's Comp Advice

Hello, I recently posted a thread on advice with an relations to an injury I had in January. I followed up called an attorney, they filled out paper work for me and set me up with an appointment. I was told to ask my employer if they had a files for my injury or a doctor's note. The person who I asked was one of the individuals who I turned my doctor's note to (The other individual was terminated). She did some questioning and that was that. I had reported my injury orally the week prior (in January) to my supervisor and to the people in charge of my department as well. Now when asked about the files she said she didn't know and she'd let me know. She then said she'd email my supervisors and another store manager. They did not follow up. Fast forward to last week, I went to my first visit to a worker's comp appointment. The experience was terrible. I met about three people, one being a chiropractor who was not only rude, but kept interrupting me during questioning. He did not let me thoroughly explain which led to some confusion on my behalf. The second person I met was a woman. She filled out some paperwork and at one point I believe she got some information regarding an object I had lifted up during my injury wrong. She told me once the information was submitted, I would not be able to change anything. One thing I forgot to mention that I'm supposed to get checked out by my general practitioner for a hernia because I've been recently having pelvic pain from pushing heavy objects. Was that something that I should of told her? Would that effect my claim? Should I still get it checked out? I finally met the doctor last and again, like the chiropractor was not only rude, but very non-informative and I honestly felt like I was a waste of his time. To top it off he also had a very thick accent which made it even harder to understand. He prescribed some medication and said it'd delivered to my address. He had also stated that I'd need an MRI. Afterwards, I went to the front receptionist and was told that I needed to go back 3-4 times a week for physical therapy. It's been about four days and I haven't gotten my prescription delivered. How do I find out when to go to my next appointment? I read somewhere here, that a doctor who prescribes physical therapy before an actual examination is bad. Anyone have any experiences like this? Should I just go to their physical therapy? Any help would appreciated.

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Oklahoma injury

I fractured my skull working for a large retail store. Im curious if anyone knows the minimum payout for oklahoma linear skull fracture.

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CA - Need desperate advice regarding head injury case.

So 7-8 months ago I hit the right side of my head really bad on something metal at work. There was blood everywhere and I was obviously concussed. I was told to fill out an injury log, which I did, they asked me if I needed to see a doctor to which I stupidly said no out of fear and finished my shift stumbling around.

I follow up with PCP, he tells me to file a WC claim next time I go to work. So I do that, they tell me to go see a doctor, during the visit I felt like the doctor was acting unprofessionally, kept interrupting me, and eventually he yelled at me and left the room. At this point I was confused and just left the clinic. Went to see my PCP and was desperate to get cleared to work again because I got very anxious.

I'm 19 years old, and when this initially happened I had no idea what WC was, I was extremely scared I would lose my job if I missed work. The fear of losing my job, the love for my work, and my need for money all played a factor.

I've been having migraines on and off, constant/worsened anxiety, worsened depression. Pain concentrated on that right side of my head, and a huge scar causing self image issues. I'm worried I have TBI, I definitely didn't take the injury seriously enough.

Now I'm worried because I feel like if I say something now my employer/adjuster might think "fraud" or something because of the way I acted in the initial visit and the fact that I've been working for a while now. I went online, the case says "closed" and the insurance report said "no evidence it's work related". Which makes sense since the IME was never finished I guess.

So I really need advice, should I reopen this claim, what should I do? I just don't want to risk anything permanent, I want the peace of mind to know everything is ok.

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Purchasing Worker's Comp- Is this company misleading me?

Our payroll service connects us with companies that offer Worker's Comp so we can stay compliant.

I tried signing up last month. The company asked me for a bunch of details and then sent me a quote that included our independent contractors. I said we didn't want to cover them and he told me we had to. I googled it and found out that's not true. We're pretty understaffed, so not knowing what to do, I put off signing at that time.

I got back to it this week and was connected with the same company. I did not include compensation numbers for contractors this time.

Not including board members, we have only 1 full-time employee and 1 part-time and the total of their salaries is $84,000. We all work from home, even pre-corona, and it's just general office work. When I got the quote, I realized it listed 4 employees with total annual compensation as $238,250.

When I called this out he said,
"Since there are two board members involved in the day to day business operations, they must also be included on the policy as well. I added the $90,000 in wages for one, and used the state minimum inclusion amount of $59,800 for the second board member since they do not take a wage."

Maybe this is true, but considering he lied about "independent contractors must be covered" I'm skeptical. I was told owners and board members aren't included. He's even included one that isn't paid at all. We are a non-profit that doesn't have a lot of extra cash to spend.

TLDR: After lying once before, a worker's comp person is saying we need to include board members in the policy, including a board member that is not paid anything at all.

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Confused second job. Tx

I was injured in late 2018, but had a second job/side job I was unable to go to that was paid out by workers comp months after I mentioned it. I've been back under a position at my main job made just for me because of my injuries. But I've gotten nothing for missing out on my second job since. It was a concert setup type job, which others have gotten full unemployment from, post COVID-19. I have an ombudsman with the Texas Department of Insurance , but we haven't talked since my surgery in Feburary. The insurance company is pushing for a Dr. appointment for a full MMI. Should I make a call about my second job missed wages?

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OH - BWC codes and their rates

If your company is classified as a code: 9501 or a 3064 what does this mean in regards to rates that you may be paying?

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California - Will QME return me to full duty if I feel better and I ask them to reduce restrictions?

I have a QME re-eval on Monday. I had a back injury last year, I’ve improved a lot. I just want to go back to work and I feel so much better. Will the QME return me to full duty if I just ask? (Special Ed teacher with a team of staff and no need to even lift.)

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NY- unsure about giving C-3.3 info


A few years ago (more than two) I developed a growth on a finger and went to an MD to check it out. At first the growth wasn’t noticeable, so he sent me to PT for a month. The growth grew and then I had surgery to remove it.

These past few months I’ve been having a lot of pain on the same finger from using a mouse at work because I work over 12+ hour shifts and there isn’t a lot of downtime for me. I’m reading the Claimant information Packet and it says to file a Limited Release of Health Information but I’m worried that Workers Comp will say that this was from a previous incident and close my claim. So far my claim is approved but I haven’t seen an MD or PT yet (so nobody really knows). I can’t really afford to see a doctor on my own right now, much less pay $50 for PT every visit. Any advice?

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